Storm Force Sea

Storm Force Sea Experience the power and beauty of the sea with Storm Force Sea,...

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Storm Force Sea

Experience the power and beauty of the sea with Storm Force Sea, a handcrafted pen from Silverburlpens.  this pen features a polished steel Jowo nib size 6 and comes with a Schmidt K5 ink converter. Custom nib sizes are also available upon request.

The pen measures approximately 145m/m long including the cap, with a body diameter of 15m/m and a cap diameter of 16m/m. The silver used in this pen is Argentium .940, known for its whiter and brighter appearance compared to traditional .925 sterling silver. It is also highly tarnish resistant, hypoallergenic, and has antibacterial properties.

With its combination of quality craftsmanship and materials, Storm Force Sea is the perfect writing instrument for those looking for style and reliability. Choose from a range of nib sizes to suit your writing needs:

  • Extra Fine: Perfect for small, delicate handwriting and preventing ink bleed on thin paper.
  • Fine: Creates a delicate and smooth stroke, ideal for small, filigree handwriting.
  • Medium: The most popular nib size, suitable for any style of handwriting and also a good choice for left-handed writers.
  • Broad: Provides a distinct wide line solution, perfect for signing documents or adding a bold touch to your writing.

Experience the beauty and functionality of Storm Force Sea, the ultimate writing instrument for any occasion.