Bamaluz Shell silver Series

This Pen is an exquisitely handmade fountain pen crafted with meticulous care and inspired by...

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This Pen is an exquisitely handmade fountain pen crafted with meticulous care and inspired by the captivating beauty of Cornwalls St Ives Bamaluz Beach.Experience writing in a whole new way with one of my Bamaluz series of pens made with real sea shell and Argentium silver.  This luxurious shell fountain pen provides a smooth, precise writing experience that makes it a pleasure to use. It features an eye-catching design that is sure to turn heads wherever you go. This pen is a unique fusion of acrylic resin and natural abalone shell, carefully created to evoke the tranquil essence of the coastal landscape. The iridescence of the abalone shell adds a touch of oceanic allure, while the acrylic resin lends a seamless blend of durability and elegance.

Length 145m/m. Nib to finial end 135m/m. Body dia 15.5m/m. Section 12m/m Dia.

Jowo size six nib. Schmidt K5 ink converter.

PEN SIZE: Overall length including cap 140m/m Nib tip to body end 135m/m Body diameter 15m/m body to cap thread 15m/m triple start. Cap diameter 16.5m/m Section diameter at narrowest point 13.5m/m

NIB SIZE GUIDE: The best fountain pen tip for beginners to use to become acclimated to writing with a fountain pen is probably a size Medium tip. But you may also use a broad nib size Broad if all you want to do is sign documents with your fountain pen. EXTRA FINE: A particularly small line width distinguishes the extra fine nib strength. If you write with small, somewhat delicate letters and apply minimal pressure, you should pick an EF nib. It is perfect, for instance, for adding notes to calendars. In addition to fitting into even the smallest lines, the extremely fine pen stroke also prevents ink from bleeding through on delicate and very thin paper. FINE:With its straight nib, the fine nib creates a delicate and smooth stroke on the paper. It is suited for small, filigree handwriting, just like the EF nib, but overall it is wider and has a wetter ink flow. MEDIUM:The width Medium is the most popular spring strength. It is typically appropriate for any style of handwriting due to its robust line width and clearly readable font. The medium nib size is also a wise choice for left-handed people. Particularly letter writers value the rich typeface`s expressiveness. BROAD:The size broad fountain nib might work well for you if you need to sign a lot of things or require a distinct wide line solution.