The benefits of Argentium Silver

The benefits of Argentium Silver

    • Argentium’s unique formulation enhances the appearance of the silver, giving an incredible natural brightness and lustrous beauty that outshines white gold, platinum, palladium, rhodium and traditional Sterling silver.

      • Finished jewellery and silverware made in Argentium are harder, stronger and more durable than traditional Sterling and Britannia silver. This means that Argentium Silver articles are more resistant to damage from scratches, denting and deformation.
      • Traditional Sterling silver has long been associated with discolouration where skin and jewellery are in contact, which in certain cases has resulted in the wearer suffering an adverse reaction. There has also been increasing awareness in recent years about the anti-allergy benefits of nickel free silver.
        • Argentium Silver is hypoallergenic and is well-suited for those who are unable to wear traditional Sterling silver jewellery. Argentium also has antibacterial properties.
        • Argentium Silver alloys do not contain nickel.
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